Loan for young people

Today, we can enjoy very easy availability of various banking and non-banking products, such as loans, payday loans, loans. And we use them more and more often. Often, even age limits are minimal, it is enough if someone is 18 years old and will be a happy ID card holder and can already make obligations. Becoming familiar with several offers can find such really beneficial ones. However, each of them is beneficial provided that it is settled on time, as it is indicated in the loan or credit agreement. Otherwise it can cost us dearly.

Is a loan for young people a good start in adulthood?

Is a loan for young people a good start in adulthood?

What will such a young man need to be able to take advantage of the loan? Certainly, he must have the right age, i.e. at least 18 years old , you will also need an ID card, active phone number, bank account and some of the companies will expect a steady income from the young man. Some might think that the constant income requirement is a bit of an attack on the client.

Payday loan

  • Amounts from 500 PLN to 5,000 PLN
  • For up to 30 days
  • Up to PLN 2,000 for free
  • Attractive conditions

APRC for the first free loan is 0%, for the next 1983.10%.

Unfortunately, such actions are also in the interest of the borrower. If we have a stable income, it is much more likely that we will pay back the loan on time and we will not get into financial trouble at the very beginning of our adult life. In general, starting with debts on your account is not the best solution, but it often turns out to be the only one. If we can’t count on the support of the family, the parents barely make ends meet and we didn’t accidentally hit the tag, this solution may be the only one to become independent and take off a bit.

A significant number of companies have introduced age restrictions to secure their interests.

A significant number of companies have introduced age restrictions to secure their interests.

This is to increase the certainty that the commitment will be returned on time. Usually this restriction is between 22 and 25 years old. Usually those who enter adult life, also just enter the labor market. They do not have a stable income yet, because they are still looking for their place on earth. Therefore, their creditworthiness is significantly reduced, they usually do not have a credit history and even private loan companies will not want to risk that much.

What are the chances of getting a loan?

What are the chances of getting a loan?

Does this mean that if we do not yet have a stable income and good credit history, we do not have to count on financial support in loan companies? This is not exactly the case. Companies are required to check our creditworthiness and trace our history, if only to minimize difficult situations.

Payday loan

  • The amount from 100 PLN to 3,250 PLN
  • Repayment time 30 days
  • The first free up to 3,250 PLN
  • Account funds in 5 minutes

The APRC for a free payday payday is 0%, the APRC for a representative example is 1639.52%.

However, this does not mean that we have no chance for financial support from loan companies. Each loan application submitted is recognized on an individual basis and largely whether we get a loan or not depends on the financial policy of the company we have chosen.

Who usually uses loans from non-bank companies?

As it turns out, they are usually young people, focused on consumerism, assuming that if they want something, they must have it here and now. Most often they are less than 30 years old.

What to look for if we find the offer that seems the best to us?

We should familiarize ourselves with the conditions, we can even use the calculator on the company’s website and calculate the amount of the monthly installment. We should consider all the pros and cons, how much such a loan will actually cost us, how much the installment will pay, what time we will have to pay it back. Then let’s consider whether we can afford it, if not we can think about the lower amount of the commitment, if we can afford it, we can apply for a loan.

Verification transfer – is this an essential element of the loan?

Verification transfer - is this an essential element of the loan?

The verification transfer is a nightmare for many borrowers. It often happens that this is why we reach for a loan because our account is empty. And to get a cash injection from the lender we need to make a verification transfer. Although they usually amount to small amounts ranging from PLN 0.01 to PLN 1.00, it happens that this prevents us from receiving a loan because our account is empty.

Short term without bikes

  • The amount from 100 PLN to 5,000 PLN
  • For a comfortable period of up to 35 days
  • Without income certificate
  • In 15 minutes

APRC for a representative example is 1297%

This transfer is used to verify our data. The loan company wants to confirm that we are actually us, that the account from which it receives the verification transfer belongs to us and not to our grandmother. When making this transfer, make sure that we have completed everything correctly, starting from the recipient’s account number on our data and the title of the transfer. Because if we make any mistake in completing the data, the transfer may not arrive on time and our application will be rejected. If everything is successfully completed, all we have to do is wait for the loan decision and an additional cash injection on our account.


The chances of getting a loan are pretty good. It is enough for us to be adults, we will be holders of an ID card and preferably a stable income. As for stable income, we can meet with such a convenience that the company does not mean only such income, which is supported by an employment contract. Income from a contract for specific work or other benefits, e.g. alimony pension or scholarship, are not questioned. However, some companies will expect an income certificate or loan insurance from us.

Non-bank loans

  • Up to PLN 1,500 for 60 days
  • Up to PLN 20,000 for 60 months
  • Cash on account in 15 minutes
  • Non-bank installment loans

A representative example for a short-term loan: APRC is 262.7%, total loan amount (excluding borrowing costs) 1000 PLN, total payment amount 1210 PLN, fixed interest rate 0%, total loan cost 210 PLN (including: 210 PLN commission, interest PLN 0), loan repaid once, loan period 54 days. Data current as at 20/05/2019.

Very good if we get through the selection screen and receive additional funds on the account. We will be able to use them for any purpose related to satisfying our needs. Remember, however, that this is how we start building our credit history and it is very important that this story is positive. Let’s fulfill the contracts we have signed. It proves whether we are reliable customers.

Let’s pay back the loans on time and avoid financial problems, and in the future we can count on more favorable consideration of our loan applications. We can find a loan for young people here .

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